Crenshaw County Chamber of Commerce

March 2020 Newsletter 5

From Allen’s Dry Creek Market

Ferns, Geraniums, Sunpatiens, Hibiscus,  New Guinea Impatiens, Petunia, Chenille. 5617 Brantley Hwy between Brantley and Luverne. Open 8 am – 6 pm. Quantities limited.+3$15 · Luverne, ALHanging Baskets for sale       5617 Brantley Hwy between Brantley and Luverne.Message

Luverne Public Library – Special Services Offered17 hrs · 

To allow patrons to keep using the Luverne Public Library as a resource and for entertainment purposes during this time of uncertainty, we will be offering curbside service to those with compromised immune systems as well as those that need to take extra precautions.

Feel free to give us a call or PM us via Facebook if you would like us to pull specific holdings (books and DVDs) for you to pick up without coming into the library. We do ask for your patience since this will spread us a bit thinner in regard to the speed in which we can operate.

Please contact us in advance as much as possible to let us know what you would like. We can look up items for you but that may take extra time. You can access our physical catalog here (…) and reserve what you would like us to pull for you, as well as using either of the two options I listed above.

Also check out Camellia Net for access to thousands of eBooks, digital audio-books, digital movies, as well as some popular magazines. You do have access as a patron of LPL . Here is the link for there (……. If you need help with your account do not hesitate to reach out to us.We are glad to offer this service to our community as it is important to help each other during this time.                                                                                            ****************************
And From Alabama Department of Commerce – just received…….link to webinar that will take place today after lunch……
Below is a link provided by Adams and Reese for business in these trying times.  It appears to be a free webinar if you would like to share it with your small business and/or business and industries:

Brenda Tuck

Rural Development Manager

Alabama Department of Commerce

401 Adams Avenue, Suite 610

Montgomery, AL. 36130-4106

334.462.0322 (c)    334.242.4073 (o)


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