Crenshaw County Chamber of Commerce

March 2020 Newsletter 6

TO ALL OUR MEMBERS AND FELLOW MERCHANTS:  Thank you for your efforts during these trying times.  Please let us know if you are open, if even on a limited basis, so that we can remind our other members and citizenry that your services are available.  Let us know what we can do to help you.  We are all in this together……anything we can do to promote you, please send us information.
Merchants who may be suffering due to the virus shut downs and limitations, we urge you to apply for any of the programs that are available to you during this difficult time.  We have sent several newsletters with SBA information,  and as you receive these newsletters, please review them for any pertinent information we may be privileged to pass along to you.  
Here’s an online application for assistance.
Let’s keep Crenshaw County growing.  Let’s keep Crenshaw County Strong.  Let’s keep Crenshaw County focused.  And let’s keep Crenshaw County SAFE !! 

New Business in Town – Plum Crazy Boutique, owned by Lisa Smith, Regina Gorey and Nikki Gorey.  While they had a Grand Opening planned for this week, the State shut down has interrupted their plans.  They will be open as soon as the shut down is lifted.  In the meantime, here is a snapshot of what they will carry:  Women’s clothing of all sizes; Men’s shirts, socks and hats;Children’s clothing and baby gift items,; Candles, bath bombs and skin products; Bags and purses; household items; Jewelry, Gift items and Gift Wrapping; brand names Burlebo, Lake is Good and Cello; coming Tyler Candles and Tidewater sandals and flip flops.  What a great addition to local shopping.  We can’t wait ’til they open.  Keep watching for the news!!  
 And as always, please stay home as much as possible, but if you must shop, SHOP LOCAL !!!

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