Crenshaw County Chamber of Commerce

Newsletter May 2019 3

Just a reminder – the Eric Dusenbery photographic exhibit is on display at the John D. Harrison Cultural Center at 3 S. Forest Avenue Monday through Friday next week from 9 am to 4 p.m.  If you are at all interested in history or local businesses/families/history, please come visit this display.  The people featured in the display are:  Mr. Joe Rex Sport, Sal.Lee Sasser-Williams, Gary Mitchell, Christopher Hilburn, Charlie “Cuz” Johnson, Matthew Pippin, Michael Barnes, Boyd Berry, Levi Nichols, Tommy & Kayo Sipper, Glenn Daniel, Wayne Rolling, Allen Sexton, Jon Hayden Sanders, Jamie Howard, Chris & Dusty Bagents, Billy Davis, Patricia Grace, Nancy Petrey, Jennifer Butts.
They all had a story to tell about their business, Crenshaw County and family history.  Each person is featured in a framed photo with a transcript of their conversations with Mr. Dusenbery.  This is a “don’t miss” exhibit and we hope you will take time to come and visit next week – the display will end Friday, May 31st.
If you have questions about the display, please call our offices at 335-4468.  

We hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day week-end, be safe and enjoy friends and family.

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